Alto Shawm in G by Cronin


This instrument is certified by Charles Double Reed Company to be in top condition




Condition: Near Mint

This pearwood instrument is in near mint condition. Made by Robert Cronin in Menlo Park, California. Mr. Cronin bases all his instruments on museum originals.

The bore and tone-holes have been carefully modified to produce an instrument of exceptionally good response and intonation. The fan-shaped reed projects from a pirouette, and the single key is covered by a fontanelle.

The range is two octaves, G3 to G5. This shawm, with its loud and exciting sound, is immensely satisfying to play in the shawm band.

It is pitched at A-440, and comes with two reeds.

This instrument comes with the case shown. The Schermer/Cook soprano shawm in the photo has sold and is not included.

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