Buffet Greenline #G10020 *SOLD*

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Condition: Mint
Suitable for: Everyone

This Buffet Greenline was made in 2003, and is made of composite grenadilla and carbon fiber material. It has been treated with care throughout its life. It plays with ease and grace and has a silky, warm tone. We just cleaned, oiled, adjusted, and play tested this oboe here in our shop and it’s ready to play in every way.

The body is in near mint condition. The full conservatory, full plateau keywork system is in clean, shiny, excellent condition.

This oboe features third octave key, left hand F, F resonance key, low Bb, Bb resonance key, split d, banana key and both trill keys.

The integral case is in new condition.

To purchase or trial this instrument email us or call us at (603) 356-9890

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