Fox Model 1 (one) #4949


This instrument is certified by Charles Double Reed Company to be in top condition



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Condition: Good
Suitable for: Everyone

This pro level bassoon was made by Fox in 1974. It has very good intonation and a beautiful upper register.

Brian Charles just cleaned, oiled, adjusted, and play tested this bassoon here in our shop and it’s ready to play in every way. This is an older pro level instrument at a reasonable price and would work well for advanced students, doublers, and adult enthusiasts.

The maple wood body is in very good condition with no boot rot, and no tone hole issues. The original jet black finish from Fox is in average condition with wear limited to the usual spots and the usual small nicks and dents.

The German system silver plated keywork system has just been cleaned and oiled. It has light pitting in many spots, but apparently has been stable like this for a very long time. Fox bassoons from this era often have pitting in the plating, and other than aesthetics, will serve well for decades to come. It has some new pads and good condition pads throughout.

This bassoon features metal tone hole water inserts, lined wing joint, lined small bore on boot, new style in-line body lock, plastic bell ring, crutch and crutch assembly. It has high D, 4 rollers, and a right hand whisper key lock.

The Fox *CVC* #2 bocal is in excellent condition. An almost new ProTec integral case is included.

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