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Condition: Excellent
Suitable for: Everyone

This pro owned Heckel bassoon was made in 1962. It has been meticulously maintained by Hans Moennig, John Shamlian, and Mike Hammer. It was the main instrument of the Principal Bassoonist of the Kansas City Philharmonic. Prior to that it was used by the same principal bassoonist in the Birmingham, Tulsa, and Santa Fe Opera orchestras.

We just cleaned, oiled, adjusted, and play tested this bassoon here in our shop and it’s ready to play in every way. Really, we needed to do almost nothing, as it plays like butter. The sound is rich, defined, centered, powerful, and lovely.

The maple wood body is in very good condition with no boot rot. The large tenon of the bass joint has a repaired chip which was expertly repaired by Pete LaVictoire in Cuyahoga Falls. There is a small stable crack on the upper surface of the boot joint. The original black finish has been touched up and French polished over the years. Moennig hand-sanded the inner side of the wing because it was binding too tightly against the long joint in summer.

The high E and E-flat keys are original from Heckel. Mike Hammer made the A to whisper key link and the 3rd finger cover. The silver tone hole water inserts were made by Moennig. It has high D and high E, 4 rollers, and a right hand whisper key lock. Moennig made the high D key. The German system silver plated keywork system has the expected amount of performance based wear.

A Heckel silver CD #1, and a Heckel silver (g) C #2 bocal are included. Some bocal wear and a small ding are shown in the photographs. The hard shell case and fitted cover are in very good condition.

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