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This instrument is certified by Charles Double Reed Company to be in top condition



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Condition: Excellent Plus
Suitable for: Advanced

This Heckel bassoon was made in 2006 and owned by a recently retired professional since new. It was initially played for six months, and then Carl Sawicki did his world class setup on this instrument. It has been kept in top pro condition ever since. The owner is a meticulous person and has taken great care in every aspect of this instrument.

The usual descriptive words don’t begin to illustrate the powerful, tight, resonant, responsive qualities of this instrument.

We just lightly cleaned, adjusted, and play tested this instrument here in our shop. This is a top pro level instrument worthy of consideration by those looking for a dynamic lifetime instrument.

The tiger striped maple wood body is set up in a so called “Gentleman’s Cut” meaning that the four pieces of this bassoon are more equal in length. This allows the instrument to use a smaller case. In addition, the bell design is Heckel’s “French Design”. A beautiful, more angular exterior for aesthetics.

The instrument has been continuously tended to and is in stellar condition. Carl Sawicki added his trademark wood sealing work on the touch points, and anywhere else he felt it needed. Carl spent considerable time fine tuning the tone holes as well. As expected, there is no rot, no damage of any kind.

The German system silver plated keywork system is clean and oiled. The original safety coating from Heckel is still in place on many of the keys and there is no damage or adjustment from original.

This bassoon features many additional attributes.

  • Extra low C# (for an effective C#/D# trill)
  • Ab/Bb trill
  • High F
  • Broad front F#
  • High G# ring for improved intonation playing G# with the F key.
  • Left hand whisper key
  • D# trill on wing joint
  • Rollers for both thumbs
  • Solid silver key rings and whisper key
  • Balance hanger
  • Crutch
  • 4 piece body
  • French style bell

The Heckel C #1 bocal is in excellent condition. The original Heckel case is included. A Cavallaro shearling lined case cover, and the original Heckel cloth case cover are included.

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