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Condition: Excellent
Suitable for: Someone special

This well preserved Heckel bassoon just celebrated its 124th birthday. It’s an unusual and lucky Heckel made in 1896 and kept almost completely in original condition. As is usual, we have no history on this classic instrument.

Brian Charles just cleaned, oiled, adjusted, and play tested this bassoon here in our shop and it’s ready to play in every way. This bassoon is well suited for a collector or adult enthusiast. It is not an appropriate instrument for a young college or lower level player due to its age and keywork.

The maple wood body is in spectacular condition for an instrument of this age. It has all the character marks that come with a life well lived, but no boot rot, no major repaired damage, and no substantial keywork changes from original. It’s possible this is the original finish or a top quality refinish from the 1920’s or 1930’s. Tiger stripes everywhere! It has the expected flat top type boot joint.

The silver keywork may also be original. It has very recent pads, felts, and tenon corks and is in structurally sound condition throughout. The 7 rollers may be original mother of pearl or early bakelite.

Robert Jordan updated the U tube a minimum amount for a better seal. He also touched up the finish in a few places and added a body lock and right hand rotary style whisper key lock.

This bassoon has the original elephant ivory 50 gram bell ring. Being original, it will pass CITES regulations with the included appraisal. Contact Heckel for a letterhead with age and manufacture details if more is needed.

The Puchner #00 silver bocal is in excellent condition and plays beautifully at A=440. The Bonna integral case with backpack straps is in used but solid condition. It has only one working major zipper which does the job just fine.

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