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This instrument is certified by Charles Double Reed Company to be in top condition



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Condition: Excellent
Suitable for: Everyone

This early 6000 series instrument has superior stability, projection, and a wide palate of tone colors. Most recently, it was play tested many times at the IDRS conference in Tampa, Florida, and given nothing but the highest praise. It was made in 1923 and has all the original keywork, plus added keywork and all rollers by Jim Kirker, done in the last few years.

We have just cleaned, oiled, adjusted, and play tested this bassoon and it’s among the most magnificent that have ever come through our shop. This top level pro instrument is set at a reasonable price and ready for an advanced young pro, or established performing artist.

The maple wood body is in very good condition with no boot rot, and no tone hole issues. The original finish is in better than average condition with standard wear limited to the usual spots. There is a repaired crack under the bell tenon sleeve which does not extend into the bore. The bore lining in the wing joint, and the smaller bore of the boot joint are in excellent condition.

The German system silver plated keywork system has just been cleaned and oiled. It has basic average wear and an average amount of plating wear. It has many new pads and seals like a dream.

This bassoon has high D and double high E, and replaced whisper key spatula by Jim Kirker who has done a gorgeous job. It has 4 rollers which were also installed by Jim Kirker.

Two prewar Heckel bocals are included, a C#1 and a C#2. These are possibly the original bocals that came with the bassoon in 1923. They are both in very good condition with no patches. The Marcus Bonna integral case is in very good condition.

We predict that this bassoon will find a new home rather quickly.

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