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Condition: Excellent
Suitable for: Advanced

This classic 7000 series Heckel was made in 1930. It’s rare to be able to trace a Heckels provenance from day one but this is the exception. It’s been in one family since it was new, and used in many professional and semi-professional situations by three generations of the same family. This is the first time it’s coming up for sale outside their family in 91 years.

The patriarch of the family, Milton Brewer Weary, purchased it new from the Heckel factory while stationed in Germany. He used this instrument in the Marine Corp’s “Presidents Own” band and with John Philip Sousa in his last years. He was subsequently a member of the St. Louis Symphony, and the National Symphony. He went on the become band director in the Jacksonville, Florida school system and performed with the Jacksonville Symphony. His wife used the instrument intermittently in her bassoon career, and his daughter inherited the bassoon. She graduated from the University of Miami and performed with the Jacksonville Symphony as well. She subsequently played this bassoon as a member of the Acadian Wind Ensemble and Louisiana Symphony.

Past repair work was done by Dr. John Patterson, Nolan Zeringue, and Dr. Robert Lucky.

Brian replaced all pads, cleaned it extensively, oiled, adjusted, and play tested this bassoon. Brian chose to leave the keywork as is, save for a few adjustments to bring keywork into standard alignment. Unaltered keywork additions from the past include a low C# key on the front of the instrument next to the low C and D. There is an additional whisper key located next to the low C# and D on the rear of the instrument. The new owner may opt to have rollers added or removed, and keywork added. We have priced the instrument to accommodate these possibilities.

The maple wood body is in very good condition with no boot rot. The original finish is in average condition with wear in the the usual spots. All unused screw holes from past attachments have been sealed and blended. Small chipped areas have been filled, sealed and blended. See the photos for detailed views of these various spots. All tone holes have been cleaned, adjusted, and sealed.

The German system silver plated keywork system has been cleaned and oiled. It has pitting and plating loss in numerous areas. Some keys have been added or altered and are unplated. The right hand F# key roller area was soldered and no longer has a roller. The left hand whisper key spatula is in similar condition.

This bassoon features metal tone hole water inserts, lined wing joint, lined small bore on boot, ivory bell ring (which can be removed/replaced on request), crutch assembly. 12 rollers.

Two original pre-war bocals are included. These bocals came with the bassoon when it was new. The CC1 and CC2 both have patches and average plating wear.

Comes with an excellent condition Marcus Bonna integral case with grey interior and maroon exterior

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