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This instrument is certified by Charles Double Reed Company to be in top condition



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A rare opportunity to own an outstanding, excellent condition 9000 series Heckel bassoon with a notable heritage that has been well documented. This may be the finest 9000 we’ve ever handled.

This instrument was purchased new at the Heckel factory by Sol Schoenbach in 1949 during the storied Philadelphia Orchestra tour of Great Britain. It was then owned by John Beck, a principal and second-seat player of the North Carolina Symphony, Florida Symphony, and numerous Sol Hurok Ballet Orchestra tours including the Bolshoi, Royal, and Stuttgart Ballets.

This instrument was cared for by Hans Moennig for many decades. It was Moennig who designed and created the custom additional keywork. The instrument was refinished in the original black finish and fully resilvered by James Laslie. The finish and silver keywork are in excellent condition.

Brian Charles cleaned, oiled, adjusted, and play-tested this bassoon here in our shop. The U-tube has been removed, examined, recorked, and resealed. There is no boot rot.

The maple wood body is beautifully refinished in the original black finish. It has a few nicks and marks of use, as should be expected.

The German system silver-plated keywork system has just been cleaned and oiled. The silver finish by James Laslie is in excellent condition throughout.

The padwork by Laslie is intact and in excellent condition. All pads have just been silicone treated and only one needed replacement. The bassoon seals well throughout all joints.

This bassoon does not have tone hole inserts on the first two finger holes. It has high D and high E, 12 rollers, a right-hand whisper key lock, a crutch bracket, and a crutch.

Four bocals are included. Heckel CD #2 (z), Heckel CD #1 (z), Heckel C #1 (n), and an Allgood XI. All are silver-plated and in excellent condition.

The original Heckel/GEWA oval case is in excellent condition. The Cavallaro shearling lined cover is in very good condition.

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