Howarth S2 #2223 **SOLD**

$1,200.00 $750.00

Huge Price Drop for a fast sale! Nothing wrong with the instrument.
This instrument is certified by Charles Double Reed Company to be in top condition



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Condition: Excellent
Suitable for: Those who prefer the open hole thumb plate system

This English system open hole Howarth oboe was made in 1985 in London and is in near mint condition. It is not the American model and would not be appropriate for most younger players. Check with your child’s teacher first. If you learned in Europe, or prefer the open hole thumb plate system, or it does not matter to you, this may be the right oboe for you. Especially at this drastically discounted price.

Brian Charles cleaned, oiled, adjusted, and play-tested this oboe here in our shop and it’s ready to play in every way.

The grenadilla wood body is in near mint condition.

The silver plated key system is in excellent condition with almost no wear.

This oboe features low Bb, Bb resonance key, banana key, adjustable thumb rest, and both trill keys. This oboe has no side F key.

The original hard shell case and cloth cover are in fair, worn condition. The locks and hinges are strong. A reed case and grease cup are included.

To purchase or trial this instrument email us or call us at (603) 356-9890

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