I. W. Kenigsperger/H.A. Vas Dias Baroque Oboe d’Amore A=415


This instrument is certified by Charles Double Reed Company to be in top condition



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This brand new H.A. Vas Dias baroque oboe d’amore is an exact reproduction of the original made by I.W.Kenigsperger (a.k.a. Johann Wolfgang Köenigsberger), in Roding, Oberpfalz, Bavaria, c. 1730. The original, which Mr. Vas Dias has played and measured, is in the National Music Museum, on the Campus of the University of South Dakota.

This modern reproduction is a gorgeous work of art and an easy playing instrument. This oboe d’amore is supplied with a handmade Vas Dias reed and bottom staple which was made by Mr. Vas Dias for this instrument. It is pitched at A=415.

The body is stunningly beautiful boxwood finished in sweet almond oil. Tenon ends are hand wrapped. The 2 key system is handmade of brass.

There are very few of these hand made, museum quality instruments available.

A handmade Vas Dias reed and bottom staple, fingering chart, information/care page, and plush cotton corduroy bag with drawstring are included.

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