Loree DM+3 #KP74 *SOLD*


This instrument is certified by Charles Double Reed Company to be in top condition



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Condition: Excellent
Suitable for: Everyone

This is a DM+3 model Loree, which is pitched 2 cents higher for use in European, and higher pitched orchestras. DM stands for Deutsche Modele or German model in English. Some players prefer the DM for its thicker, heavier stance, and ultra dark tone. It is also used in standard A=440 orchestras on a regular basis. It was made in 1993.

Brian Charles cleaned, oiled, adjusted, and play-tested this oboe here in our shop and it’s ready to play.

The grenadilla wood body is in very good condition. There was a crack at the standard place on the top joint, which was surface only, and professionally repaired. The bore of a DM is slightly more cylindrical than the regular C and AK models. It’s a little wider at the top, and a little narrower at the bell, creating a beautiful lyrical tone.

The full conservatory, full plateau silver plated keywork system is in clean, shiny, excellent condition. It has some new pads and excellent condition pads throughout.

This oboe features 3rd octave key, left hand F, F resonance key, low Bb, Bb resonance key, banana key, and both trill keys.

The Protec integral case is in very good condition.

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