Moennig Philharmonic #11580 *SOLD*


This instrument is certified by Charles Double Reed Company to be in top condition



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Condition: Excellent
Suitable for: Everyone

This bassoon was made in 1967 and played primarily by one gentleman its entire life. It was fully restored here at Charles Double Reed Company this year. It has good intonation and a beautiful warm tone.

In restoring this bassoon, we took extreme care in maintaining all original attributes. It has all new pads, and all new bumpers, felts, and new corks on the bocals, U tube, and tenons. The metal work was removed, degreased, ultrasonically cleaned, reoiled, and hand buffed. New springs were installed where needed.

The maple wood body has the original finish, which has been updated, treated, and sealed. Significant areas of wear at touch points have been attended to. The inner bore was oiled three times with raw linseed oil. No boot rot was found.

The German system silver plated keywork system is not pitted, but has normal wear for an instrument of this age.

This bassoon features metal tone hole inserts, body lock, high D and high E keys, and 10 rollers. There is a left hand whisper key lock which is not installed. All parts are included.

Three bocals are included. A Heckel VCD #2, a Moennig #1, and a Moennig #2 bocal all in very good condition. The Marcus Bonna integral case is in excellent condition and comes with original backpack straps.

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