Mollenhauer Contrabassoon #419


This instrument is certified by Charles Double Reed Company to be in good condition



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This glorious and rare Mollenhauer contrabassoon has been completely refurbished. The tone is outstanding, presence and timbre are lovely. A low A Mollenhauer contra is a rare thing indeed.

This instrument hasn’t been played in decades and arrived at our shop in poor condition. We’ve taken many months to completely disassemble, clean, oil, replace all pads, and begin breaking it in through playtesting.

The only history we have so far is that it came to us storm damaged from New Orleans.

The maple wood body has been deeply cleaned, refurbished, replaced where needed, and then oiled and dried numerous times over a period of 4 months. Once the oil dried and settled, we cleaned every nook and cranny again and sealed all joints.

There is no rot. There are numerous small wood repairs, most of which cannot be seen. I made a slide show of one particular tenon repair, which was the worst of them all. Every part of this instrument has been fully examined, repaired or reinforced as needed, and it has fine structural integrity.

Here’s a slide show of a particularly gnarly and successful repair to this instrument.

The German low A system silver plated keywork system seems to have been unaltered from the original. No evidence of removed, replaced, or altered keywork was found. It has not been resilvered, and there is wear overall as would be expected. The keywork is not damaged, but does have significant wear at touch points. There are some small, filled screw holes on one tenon, which were filled long in the past.

Two seemingly original Mollenhauer bocals are included. Both are in worn, but undamaged condition.

We have a case for it that will need to be replaced. We did not put it in a new case so that the new owner gets to choose. We are happy to help with researching the various cases available. If we can acquire the case, we offer a 15% discount off the price of the case with the purchase of this instrument.

To purchase or trial this instrument email us or call us at (603) 356-9890

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