Puchner model 21 #7629

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Condition: Good
Suitable for: Everyone

This model 21 Puchner was made in 1972. This model is firmly between their current Jubilee and Premier models, and is no longer available. It has a lovely sound. It has been unplayed for a few years and needs to be played to break in to its full abilities.

This instrument has just been fully serviced with some new pads, bumpers, corks, key oiling, and play testing. The U tube was removed and resealed and there is no evidence of wood rot.

The maple body has what we think is the original finish with really nice tiger striping and is in good condition with expected signs of use and the usual areas of surface wear. There was a body lock at some point in the past, but it is not longer present, and the concomitant screw holes have been well patched.

The silver plated keywork is in good condition, with average wear at the touch points. It features plastic tone hole inserts, crutch assembly and crutch, and four rollers.

Included is a Heckel VCD #2 silver bocal, and a “no name” bocal which we speculate is a #1. Both are in good, but obviously used condition. The original case is in good but worn condition.

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