Sand Dalton Baroque Oboe in A=440


This instrument is certified by Charles Double Reed Company to be in top condition



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Condition: Excellent
Suitable for: Everyone

This beautiful hand made instrument is tuned to A=440, making it a great option for an oboist playing baroque music in a modern setting.

Made in approx. 2010 by Sand Dalton in the style of Denner. The boxwood body is in near mint condition. The dark areas as shown in the photos are wood coloration and not repairs. No chips, dents, or wear are noted.

Interestingly, this instrument did get the full update in 2015 by Sand Dalton and has excellent tuning and tone consistency throughout. Here’s a note from Sand Dalton about the changes he made:

“I’ve done a lot of work this year (2015) coming up with a better top joint reamer to improve stability and intonation in the upper register of my 440 oboes. The new reamer does wonders for the high A and Bb as well as fixes the narrow octave of the D. Fortunately, the problem with the old reamer was one of under-boring, so it is possible to fix the instruments made with that reamer.” – Sand Dalton

The current owner says that the change was dramatic and wonderful.

This oboe features a two-key brass system. A hand made reed for this instrument is included.

A soft, lined, protective tapestry bag is included.

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