Yamaha Custom YFG812 #2011

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Condition: Excellent
Suitable for: Everyone

This Pro Yamaha was made in 1995, and professionally serviced throughout. All the great things about thick-wall pro Yamahas are here – rich authoritative sound, round, warm tone, clarity, and robust power.

The tiger striped maple body has a rich cherry finish and is in excellent overall condition. At some point in the past, a repair was made to the small wing joint extension that touches the long joint when the bassoon is assembled. The repair is professional and while slightly visible, is not dramatic or worrisome.

The silver keywork shows average wear, with one small area of pitting on a right hand pinky key. It’s otherwise shiny, clean, and just oiled.

Features include high D, left hand whisper key lock, 6 rollers, body lock, plastic tone hole inserts.

Two hand picked bocals are included: a Leitzinger ML-E #1, and a Heckel VCD #2, both in very good condition.

The Yamaha pro case is in excellent condition, the Yamaha fitted cloth cover is in average, worn condition.

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