Why Choose Charles Double Reeds?

Every double reed player is unique, and each situation presents its own set of considerations. Players turn to Charles Double Reeds for a multitude of reasons, but in essence, it boils down to one crucial factor: Trust.

Trust In Our Experience.
Simply put, we understand double reeds. This assertion is based on decades of dedicated work supporting the double reed community and collaborating with organizations worldwide. Our close partnerships with professionals, teachers, players, students, parents, and esteemed organizations like the IDRS, the MDRS, and NAPBIRT have equipped us with valuable expertise that we put to work for you.

Trust In Our Methods.
Our knowledge of double reeds not only sets us apart but also enables us to deliver world-class results that encompass more than just products and services. The real value lies in our ability to provide classic and innovative products tailored to your specific needs, function the way you desire, and incorporate the work methods you prefer. At our core, it’s all about the collective experience of our team, comprised of players, repair technicians, reed makers, teachers, and avid listeners.

Trust In Our Results.
With the right combination of products and people, we have earned a reputation for consistently delivering exceptional results.

We take pride in serving players from over 160 countries and all US states, catering to both renowned musicians and beginners alike. These relationships are all founded on a sincere commitment to creating outcomes that enhance everyone’s musical journey, making it both productive and enjoyable.

We would be honored to apply our wealth of experience, proven methods, and track record of results on your behalf, initiating a journey toward earning your trust.