What forms of payment do you accept?
We honor credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and gift certificates.

How quickly do you ship my order?
All orders are received and filled as quickly as possible. Often, that’s within 2 days. Please let us know if your order needs to be rushed to you.

How do I return an item?
Please email us or call us at (603) 356-9890 and we will gladly assist you.

How do I contact you about a product question or an experience with your company?
Please go to our Contact Page, to see the various ways we can be reached. In addition, you can email us or call us at (603) 356-9890.

How do I visit you on the weekend?
Our full-line retail store (North Conway Music Center) is open Saturdays. Our general staff are very knowledgeable about double reeds, but true double reed specialists are available only by appointment on weekends. Call us during the week at (603) 356-9890. Our weekend phone number is (603) 356-3562. You are welcome to drop by during our weekend hours, but there may be no double reed staff to assist if you don’t set up an appointment.

How can I become a supplier to Charles Double Reed Company?
Please visit our page on this topic for full details.

How do you choose which products to offer on your website?
Having a Juilliard trained double reed player as the boss really helps, but everyone here gets a say in what is offered on our site. We test all the items personally. Those with the best characteristics, at the best price, and continuous availability are featured. We’re always interested in hearing from you about the quality of these items. Customer feedback is vitally important to the process. Go to our feedback page to let us know your thoughts on products, or anything else that you feel we should know.