Sell My Instrument

Is My Instrument Really Worth That Much? And will it sell?

Our consignment system removes that uncertainty.

• Now is a great time to turn your used instrument into cash
• We are trusted advisors with a stellar track record
• Organized methods proven over decades
• Better return, quicker sales, no long commitments
• Thousands of daily visits to our used instrument site
• We can spiff up your instrument for sale
• We’re ready when you’re ready

We make finding a new home for your instrument easy and quick.
We handle all the details so you don’t have to. We’ve successfully sold consigned instruments to people and institutions in over 160 countries. With almost 40 years of professional experience, thousands of players depend on us as their trusted advisors

Is this safe?
We maintain a special insurance policy covering your instrument from the time it arrives here until it is either sold or returned to you. We’ve never had to make an insurance claim. Your peace of mind is our goal.

Which instruments can I consign with you?
All double reed instruments from basic student to top professional. Rare, unique, and vintage instruments as well as basic, student models are enthusiastically welcomed. We have customers looking for every level and type of double reed instrument.

How long will it take to sell my instrument?
When we examine and play your instrument, we provide you with an estimate of the length of time it will take to sell your instrument. A few months are often needed to get the word out as interested players arrange financing and trial periods. Sometimes the process is much quicker. It can also take longer than a few months to sell your instrument. If you feel we’re taking more time than you would like, we will quickly return your instrument at no charge except return shipping costs. There is no long term commitment.

How much is my instrument worth?
First, we perform and provide a free full verbal appraisal. Then, we work with your input to arrive at an agreeable sale price. We have a stellar track record of achieving the best possible selling price. We comfortably handle the sale of instruments valued at a few hundred dollars to those approaching one hundred thousand dollars.

What if my instrument needs some work?
We spiff up your instrument right here. Sometimes repairs are needed, sometimes not. You probably already know whether your instrument is playing and looking its best. When we examine your instrument we’ll discuss our findings with you and present you with options. Brian Charles, our owner, is a double reed repair specialist with decades of experience. He personally handles all repairs.

The cost of cleaning, adjustment or repair is due when the service is completed, before the sale. Please inquire if you need flexibility.

How do you market my instrument?
Your instrument will be featured on our web site with professional quality color photos and expertly written descriptions. Thousands of tracked visits per day are made to our used instrument pages by folks looking to buy an instrument.  We send thousands of emails per month announcing instrument availability to our huge opt-in double reed mailing list.

We stay in close contact with our international community of interested teachers and professionals and bring used instruments to double reed conferences and shows.

How does someone try my instrument?
When someone is excited about trying your instrument we have a few methods for them. A personal visit to our shop, or a ten day at-home trial have proven to be excellent ways to satisfy a buyer.

If they can’t come here, we get payment in advance. Then we pack your instrument with great care and ship via insured air delivery. If the instrument sells, their payment is finalized and you receive our business check as quickly as possible. If they decide to return the instrument they follow detailed instructions on how to safely pack and ship the instrument back to us. It is thoroughly inspected upon return. Your instrument is safe and insured throughout the process.

Is it safe to ship my instrument?
Yes, it is. We have shipped instruments around the world and all 50 states for nearly 40 years. We provide you with detailed instructions on how to get your instrument to us safely in the following video:

What happens once my instrument is received by you?
We unpack your instrument when it arrives and let you know that it arrived safely. We allow 24 hours for your instrument to adjust to our humidity and temperature controlled shop before we examine and play test it.

Brian Charles examines and play tests every single instrument. He’s a qualified appraiser and determines the condition and value of your instrument using industry standard principles. When the value and condition assessment is complete, Brian will email you full details and offer options and advice on the best way to move forward. Please allow some time for him to complete the evaluation. Many instruments arrive all the time. Yours will be seen in the order in which it arrived.

How do you protect my instrument?
We are fully insured against loss or damage from the moment we receive your instrument until it is sold or returned to you. We have never had to file a claim in our almost 40 years of service. We maintain a video monitored, temperature and humidity controlled shop.

How do I get paid?
Once a sale has been agreed upon and payment finalized, you receive an official business check from us via certified mail. You receive the full amount minus the agreed upon consignment fee.

What does this cost me?
Our rates are fair, up front, and listed below. There are no hidden fees of any kind. There is no consignment fee if we do not sell your instrument.

Instrument Final Sale Price Fee:

  • $0.00 to $1,200 – 30% (minimum $300 fee)
  • $1,201 to $10,000 – 25% (minimum $360 fee)
  • $10,001 and above – 18%

Do you buy instruments outright?
Yes – sometimes. Send us an email with good quality photos and a detailed description. We will email you our estimation of the instruments value and our level of interest before you ship. Once the instrument arrives here, we’ll appraise it at no cost and email you our findings. If you agree with our offer, we’ll send our check within 96 hours not counting holidays and weekends. Typically, we offer about 40% to 60% of sale value.

I’m Ready To Proceed. Now What?
Please email us, call us at (603) 356-9890, or send the form below.

When you send your instrument, it is crucial that you put a physical letter in the box with the instrument. Include your name, address, daytime phone number and email address. If you send it without a letter – how will we know who sent it?

Ship the instrument via insured UPS, USPS, or FedEx to:

Charles Double Reed Company
Consignment Department
1976 White Mountain Highway
North Conway, New Hampshire 03860
United States

Please fill out the form, and let us know what to expect!