What do we mean by Certified?

We put instruments through a thorough examination and cleaning when the instrument arrives at our shop and again just before it is shipped to you for trial. Every instrument – every time! Instruments don’t leave our shop unless we feel they are playing their best.

Some of the checks we make are:

  • The inner bore is examined for damage, curvature, cracks and condition. If the wood is dry, it is treated.
  • The exterior wood is examined with magnification to check for cracks, repairs, and general condition.
  • The keywork is examined for condition, and tested for mechanical operation.
  • On bassoons, the boot cap and U tube are removed and resealed. We check for rot and hidden issues.
  • On oboes, the octave pips are cleaned and resealed if needed.

When we ship a certified pre-owned instrument to you, it leaves here in exactly the condition we have detailed in the listing. Double reed instruments are delicate, and you may find that an instrument has had a difficult trip to get to you. If the instrument is not working well, let us know right away. If adjustments are needed after transit, we will gladly and thoroughly help you through most issues on the phone right away. You can reach us at (603) 356-9890.

Our certified pre-owned instruments come with a two month adjustment warranty. The instrument can be returned to us for that work any time in the first two months. We ask that you pay for shipping to us, and we will pay for return shipping to you. If the instrument develops cracks or is damaged more extensively, we will work with you to resolve whatever issue comes up. This is rare, but we want you to know that we take our obligation to you very seriously, and will stand behind our work, our instruments, and our warranty.

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