Discovering the Perfect Reed: A Guide

Embarking On Your Musical Journey?
Let us simplify the reed selection process for you.

Understanding Strengths:
Medium Soft: Effortless blowing,  slightly challenging to control.
Medium: Responsive, easy to control – a versatile choice for most players.
Medium Hard: Requires more effort but yields a stable and robust sound.

Guidelines For Selection:

If you’ve played 1 to 3 years (with regular practice)
Most players use Charles Student – Medium strength
Players with braces: Charles Student – Medium Soft strength
If you’re sharp in pitch or prone to biting reeds: Charles Student – Medium Hard strength

Playing for 2 to 4 years (practicing an hour or more daily):
Recommended: Charles Standard – Medium strength
For players with braces: Charles Standard – Medium Soft strength
If sharp in pitch or prone to biting reeds: Charles Standard – Medium Hard strength

Playing for 4 years or more (advanced or started reed making):
Recommended: Charles Pro – Medium strength

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All Charles reeds are handcrafted and guaranteed.

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