In-Person Workshops

We Offer In-Person Workshops

We offer in-person workshops and seminars. Brian Charles provides engaging group classes on reedmaking and repair, available by invitation at schools, universities, and double reed events for a reasonable fee. Brian’s wealth of experience and expertise adds a unique element to your event. If you or your organization are interested,  please reach out to us at (603) 356-9890 or and let us know.

Reed Making Workshops:
Strong reed making skills are crucial for performers at all levels — whether you’re experienced, an enthusiastic amateur, or a beginner. Brian tailors workshops to each audience’s needs, creating a fun, energetic atmosphere. Workshops can range from easy 30-minute introductions for beginners to intensive hands-on sessions for small groups, covering various methods and tools.

Repair Workshops:
Brian offers a range of repair workshops tailored to different needs. For teachers, the focus might be on last-minute repairs required by students just before their performances. For players, understanding their instruments’ mechanics is crucial, and can include hands-on work and detailed discussions of key interactions and classic issues. These workshops can be customized based on attendees’ specific needs and preferences.

Brian is available for single sessions or longer intensives, generally scheduled at least four months in advance based on availability.

Workshop costs, including transportation and time, are tailored to the institution or organization’s needs. A typical 2-hour workshop within a 2-hour drive from Brian’s location is $400. Prices are transparent and confirmed once your needs are understood.

Brian’s Background
Brian is a conservatory-trained multi-instrumentalist, composer, and entrepreneur with a rich musical background and extensive teaching and repair experience. He has trained with notable figures and has a long history of performance and entrepreneurial success, including founding the Charles Double Reed Company and The North Conway Music Center.