Sell Your Reeds

If you’re a reedmaker looking for a larger platform to sell your reeds, consider us. We welcome inquiries from reed makers who are ready to up their game. We market double reed family reeds exclusively, and can get yours in front of a huge, dedicated, interested audience. Just take a look at the current oboe reed listings and bassoon reed listings.

The Key Thing: Consistency
If you can provide a regular flow of well made, professional quality reeds that are securely packaged and consistent in both playing experience and aesthetics we’re eager to hear from you. Most reedmakers start off providing us a dozen per month, and over a few months, many find that orders increase from there. Our top selling brands sell as many as 100 per month. If you have a reed making limit, we respect that, and can accomodate you.

How It Works
We provide: photography, website listing, inclusion in email marketing, and inclusion at off-site double reed events we attend. We handle the direct sales, returns, and guarantees. We even pay for the shipping cost when you send your reeds to us. Together, we set the retail price it will be listed for on our website. CDRC requires you offer a 50% discount from the retail price to cover our many expenses.

How To Proceed
If you would like us to consider adding your reeds to our offerings, please send 3 samples and fill out the following form:

Sample reeds and accompanying information can be sent to:

Reed Maker Sample
Attn: Brian Charles
1976 White Mountain Highway
North Conway, NH 03860