Bassoon DELUXE Reed Making Kit


A superior reed making kit collection. Every tool has been upgraded to make this the best kit available.
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  • Beveled Knife by Landwell

    This Canadian made professional reed makers knife has a superior solid high carbon steel blade.
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  • Multi Fluted Spiral Reamer for Bassoon by Rieger

    The Rieger spiral reamer creates a fine throat surface, and a tight bocal fit.
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  • Flat Blued Steel Bassoon Plaque

    This is a more flexible, thin and flat, blued steel bassoon plaque.
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  • 22 Gauge Wire for Bassoon Reeds, One Ounce

    This 22 gauge, soft brass wire. It's the most popular and most often recommended size.
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  • Long forming Mandrel by Rieger

    The slightly parabolic shape of this highly refined mandrel allows for proper interior volume and precise fit of the reed to the bocal.
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  • Large Cutting Block 1 3/8" diameter

    This polished grenadilla wood cutting block has a gently convex top, which allows for efficient and accurate tip cutting.
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  • Steel Ruler for Reed Making

    This finely engraved ruler is made of premium chromed steel for accuracy and stability.
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  • Double Leather Tool Case by Wilson

    This high quality leather tool case features numerous pockets with elastic straps for knives, mandrels, and much more.
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  • Steel Arrowhead Bassoon Plaque by Fox

    This solid steel bassoon plaque features the classic Fox shape with the addition of a tail.
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  • Reed Tying Thread In Size "FF"

    Premium quality triple twisted nylon reed makers thread in the most popular “FF” thickness.
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A superior reed making kit collection. Every tool has been upgraded to make this the best kit available.

This kit includes these tools and supplies at significant savings:

  • Landwell beveled knife
  • Rieger long forming mandrel
  • Rieger spiral reamer
  • Flat steel plaque
  • Fox arrowhead plaque
  • Large cutting block
  • 22 gauge wire, one ounce spool
  • Steel ruler
  • Wilson leather tool case
  • Your choice of FF nylon thread

Substitute any of the items in the kit with others from our site at a similar discount. Let us develop a reed making kit specifically for your students. It’s our pleasure, and there’s no obligation or charge for setting up a kit to your specifications. Email us or call us at (603) 356-9890 to get started today!

Additional information

Weight 13.7 oz
Dimensions 9 × 4.5 × 2 in

Beveled Knife by Landwell


Right Hand Model, Left Hand Model

Reed Tying Thread In Size "FF"


Fire Red, Black, Burgundy, Emerald, "Loree" Purple, Golden Nectar, Holly, Indigo, Lemon, Multi-Color, Navy Blue, Neon Pink, Olive, Onyx, Orchid, Pumpkin, Purple, Royal Blue, Silver, Sky Blue, Spring Green, True Blue, Turquoise, White, Teal, Dark Blue Teal

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