Charles FibreReed Bassoon Reed


These reeds needs no warm up, last longer than wood reeds and sound good!
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Our reeds are fully sanitized before shipment and fully guaranteed.

These high-quality, hand-finished synthetic bassoon reeds are recommended for students, beginners and outdoor/recreational players. They are made in the medium strength, which is suitable for most players.

Each reed is hand-finished by Brian Charles and is made of FibreReed – a synthetic material designed for correct vibration and sound.

These reeds are easy playing, dependable, and since they are not made of wood – splitting is not an issue. Each reed is separately packed in a clear, hard plastic shell case, marked for easy identification and suitable for long term storage.

  • No warm up!
  • These reeds are ready to play as soon as you pick them up!
  • They respond to warm water by loosening up a bit
  • Soaking is not necessary

Many players use these as backups for that unexpected moment when your wood reed splits before a concert, or when you are playing in a windy outdoor concert, and you don’t want to stress out your good wooden reeds. Many players keep a few in their reed cases as a form of “reed insurance”.

Here’s what a teacher/performer wrote to us recently:

“It looked exactly like what we usually call a “plastic” reed….so for 0.00001 second, I was disappointed. But you are a man of good business practice with great educational background. So without delay, I tried it IMMEDIATELY. (literally, I almost burned my dinner!) This thing IS different! Here are the things I always longed for a “plastic reeds” and this reed does have. 1) Proper tip opening to give it darker tone.  2) Not jumpy response 3) Not going flat on higher range. Love it!  I can recommend to my students!”  – Michinobu ”Mitch” Iimori

Colors of the wrapping will vary. Each reed is hand-inspected, test-blown, and sanitized.


  • Overall length: 55.2mm
  • From first wire to butt: 28.8mm
  • Tip width: 14.3mm
  • At collar: 9.2mm
  • At first wire: 9.0mm
  • At second wire: 8.2mm

Thread color may vary.

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Weight .4 oz
Dimensions 2.75 × 0.75 × 0.75 in

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