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Special circumstances sometimes require special solutions.
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Our reeds are fully sanitized before shipment and fully guaranteed.

Special circumstances sometimes require special solutions.

These are high-quality, hand-finished synthetic reeds which are useful for players who have braces, and want to avoid the mouth pain problems that sometimes occur when playing wooden reeds. Likewise, they are an alternative to wooden reeds for outdoor and recreational players who want a backup reed in their reed case that is not going to require warmup, and is 99% free of the possibility of splitting.

These reeds do respond to warm water to some degree, and can be manipulated to close or open the tip opening. They can be scraped using a standard reed knife. We ourselves occasionally wrap a wire around the reed in the same manner as English horn reeds, to add some stability and the additional ability to change the tip opening. If you would like us to do that for you at no charge, please use the comment box when checking out to let us know.

Many players use these as backups for unexpected moments when wood reeds split before a concert, or when playing in a windy outdoor concert and they don’t want to stress out good wooden reeds. Some players keep a few in their reed cases as a form of “reed insurance”.

Each reed is separately packed in a clear, hard plastic shell case, marked for easy identification and suitable for long term storage.

Thread color may vary.

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