Swab Extractor for Bassoon


A refined and effective method for removing stuck swabs from the bore of your bassoon.
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A refined and effective method for removing stuck swabs from the bore of your bassoon. Caution must be used when removing anything from the bore of an instrument. This tool can do damage if not used appropriately.

The contoured shape, knurled handle, and slotted head screw make this the most effective and safest tool we have produced.

To remove a stuck swab patience is required. Slide the swab extractor from the larger side of the joint through to the swab, push firmly into the swab, twist slightly, and pull. Multiple small pulls should be expected as the stuck material shreds. It can take up to 15 minutes of slow, deliberate repeated efforts to fully remove a deeply compressed swab.

Great care must be given to assure that the screw head is touching the swab and not the side of the wooden bore. If you get frustrated or confused and need advice, please call us and we will happily guide you through the process.

You will definitely need a new swab once the removal is complete. We have a wide range of options. Follow this link to new swabs to choose a swab to go with your extractor.

The solid aluminum shaft measures 21″ (53cm) from base to tip. The body is 3/16th” (4.75mm) thick. The screw end is 1/2″ (14mm) long. The knurled end measures 3/4″ (20mm).

Made in the US exclusively by Charles Double Reed Co.

*Due to its extended length, this item ships via USPS Priority Mail or UPS. If the shipping rates shown when you check out are extremely high, please call us at 603-356-9890 or email us to discuss less expensive shipping options.

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