Music Minus One: The Oboe Soloist


Beautiful concert pieces for the oboist. Choose to hear the soloist with piano, or hear the piano alone and you become the soloist!
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Choose to hear the soloist with orchestra or piano, or hear the accompaniment alone and you become the soloist!

Master oboist Delia Montenegro teams up with MMO veteran Harriet Wingreen to bring you a wide-ranging collection of concert pieces for the oboe. These explore a diversity of musical styles and levels of difficulty, and are technically suitable for most oboists. Includes a book of oboe music with access to online audio featuring a complete performance with soloist; then a second version with the piano accompaniment, minus the soloist.

Online audio and full sheet music for the soloist is included.

  • Bach: Aria – St. Matthew Passion
  • Gliere: Song
  • Rachmaninoff: Vocalise
  • Berger: Toadinha
  • Handel: Concerto #8 in Bb
  • Schumann: Romance #1
  • Bizet: Symphony in C, Adagio
  • Laurischkus: Arabian Dance #1 and #2
  • Telemann: Sonata in a minor
  • Debussy: Mazurka
  • Liszt: Two Songs
  • Wagner: Dreams
  • Fasch: Largo
  • Loeillet: Sonata #15
  • Yamada: Kuruka-Kuruka

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