Rigotti Removable Mandrel Pin


The removable mandrel pin for professional results. Now available one at a time.
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Select: 1-5 pins, $6.00 each
Select: 6-11 pins, $5.75 each
Select: 12-17 pins, $5.50 each
Select: 18+ pins, $5.25 each

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These removable mandrel pins are custom etched with reed length markings for consistent, professional results.

Three variations in finish allow you to color code your work.

Sets and solo pieces are available: Handle, Mandrels and Base Set, Handle alone, or Base alone.

  • Overall length: 70mm
  • Tip length: 33mm
  • Distance from tip to first notch: 26mm
  • Distance to second notch: 28mm
  • Distance to third notch: 31mm
  • Width at tip 3.8mm
  • Width at first notch: 5.3mm
  • Width at second notch: 5.4mm
  • Width at third notch: 5.6mm

Made by Rigotti.

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Aluminum, Red, Blue

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