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To perform and collaborate is a gift

We rely on ears and hearts to make sense of what we do as musicians. It seems as though we’re on the brink of connecting with ears and hearts once again, doesn’t it?

Vaccinations are ramping up. Restrictions, while still not healthy to drop, are going to be further relaxed in the coming months.

Maybe concerts halls will reopen soon? Maybe rehearsals without barriers, masks, and fear will begin again?

As musicians first, here at Charles Double Reeds, we hope for the best and quickest return to music making with friends and colleagues. The future is looking brighter than it has for a year. What a strange and fraught time we’ve lived through.

Our fond and overarching desire is for all of us to feel safe, content, and musically free once again.

I sincerely hope that you’re feeling this little sprite of happiness and comfort in your lives too.

And, as always, we appreciate your support and your business as we lift our metaphorical heads up from the undergrowth, and begin again to create beauty in the world.

With hope,


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