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Condition: Excellent

This 1912 short-bore Heckel bassoon has just gone through an overhaul by Brian Charles and it’s ready for its new pro job position. It has a lot of power and projection like the late 5,000 and 6,000 series Heckels do, yet has a refined tone for delicate work. It’s been owned and played for years by an NYC professional and due to illness, it’s time to find it a new, deserving home.

The maple wood body has its original rich, maroon-red finish, which is in good condition for its age. It’s just been sealed and needs nothing. There’s no boot rot and no tone hole issues.

The German system silver-plated keywork system has just been hand cleaned, polished, and oiled. It has plating wear in many of the usual places. It had a body lock and crutch removed at some point in the past, and the signs of that have been sealed. The ivory bell ring was cracked and has been filled and stabilized as seen in the photos. We were able to retain all of the remaining original ivory.

This bassoon was made with no rollers and still has no rollers.

The Heckel #2, and Heckel VCD #3 bocals are in very good condition. A brand new ProTec integral case is included.

If you’re looking for a performance instrument with the gusto of a 6,000 and the price of a 5,000, you found it.

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