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If you’re looking for a 6,000 series and thought maybe this late 5,000 series Heckel would work – the answer is a big resounding yes! This instrument plays with the flexibility and resonance expected in a 6,000. If I (Brian) were in the market for a bassoon, this is the one I would purchase for myself.

Condition: Excellent
Suitable for: Everyone

This classic Heckel bassoon was made in 1922. Some work was done by Holden MacAleer at Baltimore Woodwind Repair back in the 1980’s. It was not worked on again until Brian Charles cleaned, oiled, adjusted, and play-tested it here in our shop just before we listed it for sale.

This is a rather rare Heckel at a reasonable price.

The maple wood body is in very good condition with no boot rot and no tone hole issues. The finish is subtle and in great condition.

The German system silver-plated keywork system has just been cleaned and oiled. It has some new pads and very good condition pads throughout.

It has high D, 9 original rollers, and had a crutch installed at some point, which is not present.

The Fox CV #2 bocal is in excellent condition. It comes in a classic hard shell case which is in very good condition.

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